Warm up the cold day with 5 delicious cinnamon dishes

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Cinnamon dishes are loved and enjoyed by many Vietnamese people

Cinnamon dishes:

1. Roasted beef with cinnamon anise:

Ingredients include beef phile, spinach, cherry tomatoes, cinnamon powder, star anise powder, pepper, garlic, and cooking oil.

Sliced meat, marinated with seasoning seeds, pepper salt, cinnamon powder, star anise powder, rolled, baked. Allow to cool, cut 2–3cm. Stir-fried spinach with minced garlic and cooking oil.

Making seasoning sauce: Mix Demi Glace powder with water. Non-aromatic onion. Add the carrots, celery, stir well and add the Demi Glace sauce mixture, bring to a boil over low heat. Add cinnamon and star anise powder. Stirred. Drizzle the sauce on the beef. Served with spinach and cherry tomatoes.

2. Braised chicken with cinnamon:

Warm up the cold day with 5 delicious cinnamon dishes 1
Ingredients include chicken, cinnamon, green onions, dry onions, cooking oil, sugar, seasoning, and fish sauce.
Cut chicken into large, thick pieces first. Marinate the chicken with water distilled from sugar, seasoning powder, the first part of green onion and purple onion together with a little fish sauce and cooking oil.
Stir-fry the onions and then fry the chicken with cinnamon. When the meat has been re-hunted, fill the tattoo with water about the size of the face and braise until the water is soft, the meat is soft. When sprinkled with a little more pepper, the dish adds a spicy flavor. Stewed chicken with cinnamon has a very specific aroma of cinnamon, chicken is soft and sweet.

3. Pan-fried fish with aniseed cinnamon sauce:

Ingredients include basa fish, cinnamon powder, fish eggs, spinach, salt, pepper, cooking oil.
Cut fish to taste, marinated with salt, pepper, cinnamon, cooking oil. Making anise cinnamon sauce: Add soy sauce, sake, sugar, powdered cinnamon and star anise to puree and then bring to a boil on low heat until the sauce slightly matches.
Bring the marinated fish to a pan with some cooking oil to cook. While pan-fried, spread the layer of anise cinnamon over the fish. Spinach leaves blanch in boiling water with some cooking oil. Put the fish on a plate. Served with tobiko roe, remaining sauce and spinach.

4. Braised pork ribs with cinnamon:

Ingredients include pork ribs, wood ear mushroom, straw mushrooms, soy sauce soup, chili sauce, sugar, seasoning seeds, square cut cassia, coconut, cooking oil.
Mushrooms washed, split the buds into four. Chop ribs well, marinate soy sauce, clove ears, chutney, ground cinnamon, granules, coconut water.
Add oil, chops, marinade to pan, simmer until ribs are almost done, then drop cinnamon sticks. Finally for mushrooms, gently stir. Turn off the heat.

5.Grilled shrimp with cinnamon powder:

Warm up the cold day with 5 delicious cinnamon dishes 2
Ingredients include shrimp, chopped shallots, cinnamon powder, white wine, seasoning powder, cooking oil, brown sugar.
Black tiger shrimp washed, peeled off the body, leaving only the back, except for the tail, cut off the legs and beards and then shock with white wine.
Marinate shrimps with seasoning powder, sugar, red onion, cooking oil and half of cinnamon powder for about 15 minutes to infuse spices, then put on the grill and bake until cooked. When arranged on a plate, sprinkle the rest of cinnamon powder to enjoy.
Have a good meal and keep following us for more delicious dishes!