How to make cinnamon banana cake PART 1

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Listen to me and try it once and you won’t go looking for another Vietnamese cinnamon banana cake recipe because it’s so perfect. Best for breakfast and enjoy a cup of tea
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Ingredients cinnamon banana cake:

(meals for 4 adults)
1 ripe banana “150-170gr”
1 chicken egg
If you want to sweeten 40g, make 50-60g of sugar
350 gr of flour number 13
16gr Baby formula
pinch of salt
4gr of yeast
70ml of fresh milk
little cinnamon powder
80gr butter for 70gr flour, 10g left to sweep the cake
How to make cinnamon banana cake 1

Steps cinnamon banana cake.

Step 1:

 Cut the bananas into pieces.
 Put all the baking ingredients in the bowl (except butter) and beat the 15p batter “I use the 5L bear machine” until you see the dough into a block, then stop.
 Put 70g of chopped butter into bowl and knead the batter for another 20 minutes until the dough no longer sticks to your hands, forming a block.

Step 2:

 Take out the kneading first and then round to bring to incubate for 45-60 minutes.
 Punch the dough out of air bubbles and divide the dough in half (361 g a lump).
Cover the dough to rest for 15 minutes.
 After 15 minutes, bring the dough to roll and then round the dough, stick the edges of the dough then cut the dough into equal round dough, cut from the middle cut to kg.
 Anti-stick the mold and then put the shaped dough into the mold, cover and rest for 60 minutes or more until the dough is full.
How to make cinnamon banana cake 2

Step 3:

 Turn on the oven 350F “175-180 degrees C” to bake for 18 minutes (depending on the heat of the oven, each house may be more or less time) until the cake is golden brown, turn off the oven and spread the melted butter on the cake. , wait a little bit cool, then take out the cake.
 The cake is very fragrant, soft, moderately sweet, the fiber is very soft, especially the smell of banana, light, very porous and delicious.

Step 4:

How to make cinnamon banana cake 3
 You can replace the banana with apple jam, blueberry, peach, cherry (120g) or add raisins, depending on your preference.
 The cake tore into each grain is delicious, eating it all together.
Cinnamon banana cake soft, the butter is delicious.
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