Super delicious cinnamon beef stew recipe

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The cinnamon beef stew is very sweet and delicious! Stewed beef is just soft enough, very delicious, can be used to make broth with vermicelli is also great!  This cinnamon beef stew is so easy to make that kids and adults alike will love it! If to eat as a drink on New Year’s Day is also very suitable!

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Ingredients for cooking cinnamon beef stew include:

1 pack of pho seasoning (30g)

700g Australian beef tendon

400g Australian beef

2 teaspoons salt

2 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons fish sauce

6 bowls of water

6 dried purple onions


Cooking steps:


  1.  Put the pho seasoning bag into the pot. This type I bought does not have its own cloth bag, so I have to leave it like this. You should buy the type that has a cloth bag available to put the spices in, so when you’re done cooking you won’t have to filter these seeds anymore! cinnamon beef stew recipe image 2


2. Wash the beef and then put the beef in the pot with the seasoning. Add water and seasoning in the above ingredients to the stew.

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3. Cook over high heat, when the water boils, turn to low heat, cover and cook for another 45-60 minutes or until soft as desired.

steps 3


4. After the beef stew is finished, remove the beef to a plate, cut into bite-sized pieces. Put the meat in the bowl, then add the vermicelli and finally pour the beef broth on top and we have a delicious bowl of beef noodle soup right away. 


Wish you success and enjoy this delicious dish.

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