DIY cinnamon sausage for cold days

cach lam lap xuong mai que lo thom ngon don gian 13
Cinnamon sausage is an easy Vietnamese dish to make, especially during the coming spring festival. With concerns about food safety, the way to make sausages on the New Year right below is both simple and delicious, and very safe for the health of users.
On Tet days, when you can sip fragrant sausage, it is nothing more wonderful. Every family has sausages in the house when Tet comes. Sausage served with pickles, vegetables, served with white rice, fried rice, beef squash … are very attractive. As a dish originating from China, but sausage is gradually popular in Vietnamese culinary culture. It sounds complicated and meticulous, but it is not too difficult to process delicious sausage.
DIY cinnamon sausage for cold days

1. Cinnamon sausage Ingredients

1kg of lean
200g of fat
50g purple onion
50g garlic
1 tube of green pressure wine
2 meters large intestine
450ml white wine
1.5 tbsp of cinnamon wine
Spices: ½ tbsp MSG, ½ tablespoon salt, 1 tablespoon pepper, 150g sugar
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2. How To Make Cinnamon Sausage

Minced garlic. Sliced ​​purple onion. North pan on the stove, add oil to non-aromatic onion, garlic. Adjust the heat to low, add the onions first, then reach the garlic. Fry until the garlic and onion are fragrant, then turn off the heat.
Put another pan on the stove and roast the pepper until the pepper is fragrant.
Blend lean meat and fat together.
Use white wine to wash through the large intestine, both helping to eliminate odors and helping to easily scrape the powder and viscous. Place the heart on a flat cutting board, use a flat knife to shave so that the intestines are thin and sticky, without any powder. Then stuff salt in your lap and rinse with clean water.

3. Scent meat

cach lam lap xuong mai que lo thom ngon don gian
You put the ground meat in a large bowl of marinated meat with 150g of sugar, 1 tablespoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of MSG, roasted pepper, the fragrant onion and garlic, a tube of green pressure, and mixed with wine cigarette cassia. up. Next, you bring to the sun and dry for about 30 minutes, every 15 minutes, you stir up 1 times. Sun exposure is a way to make fat become clearer.

4. Stuffed Meat Into the Collagen Shell

You use a bottle of mineral water, cut the end of the bottle to make a funnel and then put the first part of the intestine into the mouth of the bottle. For added certainty, use an elastic band to tie the bowels and the mouth of the bottle together.
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Next, you put the meat in the ice cream bag, then put into the mouth of the bottle and squeeze the meat slowly into the intestine.

At the end of the intestine, you use the string to tighten it. You can use a string to tie cinnamon sausage into arbitrarily large and small segments.

After stuffing the intestine. You put all the sausages into a bowl and pour in about 250ml of wine and rinse briefly. This is how to make cinnamon sausage red more beautiful and attractive.

Next, you take out the sausage and drain it and use a toothpick to tattoo small holes in the sausage. With this way, the sausage will not crack the outer shell when dried.

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Finally, you bring cinnamon sausage to the sun and dry for about 3 days. And, pay attention to dry in the strong sun!
Enjoy your meal and keep following us for more delicious dishes!