How to make Cinnamon Roll?

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The delicious flavor of the buttercream combined with the cinnamon stick makes the cake even more appealing! Start make cinnamon rolls


ingredient make cinnamon rolls:

1 soft butter sandwich recipe

Part Cinnamon Grape

100 g raisins
35 g of rum
60 g of butter (soft dough)
100 g of brown sugar
20 g of almond flour
4 g of cinnamon powder

How to make Cinnamon Roll 1
Part Glaze Honey Lemon

80 g of powdered sugar
20 g of honey
20 g lemon juice (or passion fruit)

Steps make cinnamon rolls:

1.Grapes soaked rum to bloom, about 1 hour.

How to make Cinnamon Roll 2

2.Sugar, cinnamon powder, butter, almond flour mix well.

How to make Cinnamon Roll 3

3.Roll a rectangular dough about 30x25cm, let the dough rest for another 5 minutes, then spread the cinnamon mixture onto the dough just rolled.

How to make Cinnamon Roll 4

4.Make sure to put the grape wine on.

5.Roll and then use the knife to cut nine pieces.

How to make Cinnamon Roll 5

6.Put on non-stick butter tray, incubate another 15 minutes of baking powder, about 80%, then turn on the oven 175 degrees C. Wait for a little more baking, then put in baking for about 15 minutes, turn the mold back to another 5 minutes If you see the yellow cake, take it out! Start mixing honey, lemon, powdered sugar so that when the bread is cooked, spread it on the surface and use it.

How to make Cinnamon Roll 6
We have finished making cinnamon rolls very well, right

Have a good meal and keep following us for more delicious dishes!