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Cinnamon wine, also known as fragrant wine, is a delicious aroma that is often used to spice up fish meat, deodorize eggs or spices for some dishes.

What is cinnamon wine?

Cinnamon wine or fragrant wine is a type of wine used as a condiment that is very popular in cooking. Their use is to make the dish more delicious and the taste more appealing. Cinnamon apricot wine is distilled from a rose variety and added with rock sugar, thereby creating a mildly sweet wine with a special rose scent, but this original cinnamon wine has a price. sale is also quite high.
Cinnamon wine in Vietnam is made by soaking all kinds of anise, cinnamon, cardamom, … soaked in rice wine or vodka or michiu for about 2-3 weeks is usable. In culinary, cinnamon wine is mainly used to marinate meat dishes, marinate meat, fish or spices for some dishes. In addition, cinnamon wine becomes especially important in the process of processing many attractive dishes, including the famous sausage Mai Que Lo. This wine also plays an equally important role in creating fishy deodorization for the traditional mid-autumn baked eggs.
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The use of cinnamon wine

Making sausage.
Use marinated roast pork.
Eliminate fishy smell of pork, duck, chicken … or deodorize fishy smell when cooking breaks down.
When making salted eggs, if rolling through the wine, cinnamon, instead of rolling over the wine will often make salted eggs more fragrant, reducing fishy smell.
Use aromatic for the moon cake filling.
How to make cinnamon wine at home


1 liter of Rice Wine
10-15 Clove wings
6-7 petals of anise
1 cinnamon sticks 10 cm long
1.5 teaspoons of anise
1.5 teaspoons whole grain pepper
2 cut the cardamom in half
15 teaspoons of coriander seeds
2 pieces tangerine skin
The steps to making Mai Que Lo wine / Cinnamon wine

The steps to making Mai Que Lo wine / Cinnamon wine

  1. Put all the ingredients in a frying pan on the pan until fragrant, turn off the heat and let cool.
  2. Take a glass bottle or glass bottle, and rinse and dry it (do not use a plastic bottle).
  3. Put all of the roasted ingredients and alcohol in a glass jar then cover. You store the jar of wine in a cool dark place away from sunlight. You can use a dark cloth to cover the bottle away from sunlight.
  4. Soaking alcohol for about 2-3 weeks is okay.
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You can use cooked white wine or Vodka and Michiu cooking rice wine, … can be used. If you do not have enough of the above ingredients, you should try to find as many things as possible to make the wine taste more perfect. Should have cinnamon, cardamom, anise. You can buy these ingredients at Chinese drug stores.
In addition to the above ingredients, you also need a small cloth bag to hold the spices, but if you do not have a cloth bag you can put it directly into the wine, but every time you take out the wine, you must filter through the sieve 1 turn to remove the small particles to make the wine clearer!
So you already know what mai cinnamon wine is and know how to complete a delicious jar of Mai Que Lo at home. Let’s go to the kitchen to get this special spice in the house! Wish you all success!
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