How to make Cinnamon apple muffin?


Treat the family to these tasty cinnamon sticks apple muffins – the kids, in particular, will love them!


150gr Wheat Flour (1)
8gr Baking Powder (1)
2g Salt, cinnamon powder (1)
80gr Sugar (1)
1 Egg (2)
60ml Fresh milk / breast milk / water (2)
45ml Yogurt without sugar (2)
40gr Cooking oil (2)
1 Apple, diced (2)

How to make Cinnamon apple muffin 1

1. Mix the ingredients of group (1), fine sieve
2. Mix the ingredients together (2), in the order arranged on the ingredients
3. Pour (2) into (1), mix well, firmly, for about 10-15 seconds, avoiding mixing of hard hard bread, with many empty tubes in the intestine.
4. Bake at 180 degrees C, for 20 ’
Use a toothpick to skewer the bread to test its ripeness, if the dry toothpick is cooked.

How to make Cinnamon apple muffin 2
XXX ️ Note:

– Apple: should choose the type of relative brittle, so that after baking will not be soft, crushed
– If after baking 20 ‘, the cake is golden but not fully cooked, lower the temperature a little and cover the surface with foil, bake until the cake is dry.

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