3 recipes using cinnamon powder extremely effective beauty

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Beauty masks from cinnamon powder combined with a few natural ingredients to take care of will surely not be strange to the sisters, right? In addition to being used by the sisters as a spice powder in the kitchen corner, beauty with ground cinnamon is also trusted by many women.
According to the ancient documents, ground cinnamon powder is finely ground from cinnamon bark, has a spicy, sweet taste, and has great heat properties, into two cans and kidneys, and has the effect of nourishing the balance and regulating blood air in the body.
It works especially well in the treatment of constricted limbs, numb back knees, stomach cramps, irregular menstruation in women and many other valuable effects. On the other hand, with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory as well as extremely good skin cleansing ability, pure ground cinnamon is very good in skin care.
Honey cinnamon powder mask for acne treatment

Honey cinnamon powder mask for acne treatment

Cinnamon powder has antibacterial properties, while honey helps to reduce the redness. When combining honey with beauty cinnamon powder, it will bring especially good effects in the treatment of pimples, especially the ability to reduce acne.
Preparation: 1/4 teaspoon pure ground cinnamon + 1 teaspoon honey.
How to do: Mix 1 teaspoon pure honey and 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon into a paste. Then, dab the mixture on the pimples for 10 minutes, then rinse and dry.
Consistently use this mask to spot acne 2-3 times / week to reduce inflammatory pimples, quicken pimples and dry stunts. From there, give back to women skin clean acne and smooth.
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Stretch lips with a mask of cinnamon powder

If women want to have youthful and sexy lips like Marilyn Monroe, but the irony of nature does not give you a beautiful natural and plump lips. At the same time, there are so many things to worry about in life, so women who cannot beautify their lips with cosmetic surgery, use ground cinnamon to beautify your lips right away so that they are young and beautiful! Note that you must buy pure powder to maximize the beauty of this powder!
Beauty with cinnamon powder in this way is extremely simple because you do not need to mix anything. Just moisten your lips with lip balm and apply a little ground cinnamon to your lips, gently massage your lips with one finger. Once the ground cinnamon water layer has dried, keep applying a little more lip balm to keep your lips fuller and fuller.

Make chalk to create a block from cinnamon powder

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You do not wear makeup often, so spending a lot of money to invest in a box of powder will be a waste. But there will also be times when you have to party with your friends, but not make up? This will make you look really poor, no matter how beautiful your face or skin is. However, if you have pure cinnamon powder available, let Herb Story show you how to make a chalk easily. Since ground cinnamon is brown, you can mix it with lotion to form a creamy chalk, or mix it with cornstarch or baby powder to form a powder. Use a brush to spread this powder evenly onto the jawbone, your face will be slimmer and more personality.
Beauty with this way is also too simple, right? Just a little cinnamon, a bit of pre-existing lotion or cornstarch / powder, you have an instant makeup item for a more beautiful face without worrying about costly. Although using ground cinnamon for beauty has been documented many times and women have brought good results in the beauty process. However, everyone’s skin and body react differently, and what suits others doesn’t mean it suits you too.
So, before doing beauty with cinnamon powder or any other natural powder mask on the face, be careful to try it on the skin of your hands first and if possible, consult a dermatologist to not cause consequences. bad fruit on the skin.
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