Cinnamon essential oil – Cinnamon aroma changes your life

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Not simply natural essential oil, just a fleeting scent, but cinnamon aroma is the scent that makes miracles for our lives. So what is cinnamon essential oil used for? As well as the questions and answers surrounding it about whether cinnamon essential oil is drinkable, … will be answered.

Cinnamon essential oil is extracted by the steam distillation method of cinnamon bark, has a gentle and sweet cinnamon aroma that calms the mind, so this is considered a very effective stress relief therapy. Currently, on the market, there are two types of Ho Chi Minh City cinnamon essential oil: yellow cinnamon leaf oil and reddish-brown cinnamon bark oil.

What is cinnamon essential oil, Cinnamon aroma used for?

What is cinnamon oil used for is a familiar question posed on social networkcing sites, forums of many major websites … This proves that cinnamon essential oil is a very popular commodity in Vietnam. However, at present, there are many places that sell cinnamon essential oil in Ho Chi Minh City because they want to sell products that magnify the use of this natural essential oil. So, really how exactly it works, let’s find out!

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    Cinnamon aroma repels mice: Besides using cinnamon essential oil to repel mosquitoes, cinnamon is also an essential oil that is capable of repelling mice very effectively. The sweet and spicy scent of cinnamon aroma is a favorite choice of many people, however, it is a rat obsession so cinnamon essential oil repels mice very effectively. You can put cinnamon bags in drawers and wardrobes, sprinkle fresh or dried cinnamon pieces around the cupboards and rat holes. A few cotton balls soaked in cinnamon oil will keep mice away.

    Cinnamon aroma repels mosquitoes: Studies show that cinnamon essential oil is one of the effective anti-insect solutions. The natural sweet and spicy fragrance does not affect humans but kills mosquito larvae. Just spray a few drops of cinnamon oil around the area around the house, especially the bed area, you will not see the silhouette of mosquitoes appear, and you can repel mosquitoes to help the room fragrant and deodorize foul. Therefore, cinnamon aroma is believed to be used more in the fight against insects and mosquitoes.

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    Beauty with cinnamon essential oil: Like many other herbal essential oils, beauty with cinnamon essential oil is also one of the tips for you to “improve your beauty”. Cinnamon oil helps regenerate skin healing, rashes, acne thanks to its antiseptic properties. Specifically, use 1 drop of pure cinnamon oil mixed with yogurt / honey / rice bran ingredients … to create a skin mask according to your preference. Cinnamon essential oil helps brighten skin and does not bother with acne.

    Cinnamon essential oil for belly fat reduction: One of the other beauty properties of cinnamon oil is to help with fat loss. Cinnamon oil when mixed with base oil will have the same effect as an effective belly fat loss gel for you, even postpartum women, severely stretched belly skin can be overcome with cinnamon oil. It will enhance the metabolic capacity in the abdomen, help blood circulation and gradually dissipate excess fat in the abdomen, so cinnamon essential oil reduces belly fat effectively.

    Car-suspension cinnamon oil: If you have a car, use cinnamon oil in your car or spray cinnamon oil on your car to completely eliminate odors and mold on the car. Cinnamon aroma remaining in the car for weeks has the effect of relieving stress, relaxing the mind, so it is very good for drivers, as well as cure motion sickness very well!

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Can you drink cinnamon essential oil?

Usually, the uses of cinnamon essential oil that are often shared on websites and forums are to combine with base oil for massage, combine with a diffuser to scent, use a bottle to repel mosquitoes, insects, and mice. Or mixed with other ingredients for use on the skin and on the body. From these we can see that cinnamon essential oil is NOT drinkable!

Although cinnamon essential oil is very good, never use it to eat, drink or apply directly to open wounds. Pure cinnamon oil is very hot, if used incorrectly, you will most likely burn. In particular, women and children should not use cinnamon essential oil to avoid causing negative consequences.

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