What is the difference between cinnamon bark vs cinnamon leaf oil?

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You often think of cinnamon essential oil made from whole cinnamon . But the sad truth from the sharing of cinnamon experts shows that most of the essential oil is made from cinnamon leaves. “cinnamon bark vs cinnamon leaf oil”

Cinnamon essential oil made from cinnamon bark or cinnamon leaves

To explain this, we need proofs.

According to experience and specialized knowledge, a quintal of cinnamon leaves and branches only produce one kilogram of cinnamon essential oil (1kg = 1.2 liters).
As for the cost of making cinnamon essential oil from the bark, the production cost increased by three to four times. But in return, the quality of the essential oil made from cinnamon bark is better than that made from leaves and branches.
Cinnamon bark oil has a more specific gravity than leaf essential oil, and it has a much thicker color. Therefore, it is absurd to see a bottle of cinnamon essential oil that is light brown with labels made from cinnamon bark. “cinnamon bark vs cinnamon leaf oil”
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How to identify pure cinnamon essential oil or cinnamon bark vs cinnamon leaf oil

cinnamon essential oil:

But there are also hundreds of cinnamon-making facilities here. Due to the process, the people and the materials are also different, so they cannot be of the same quality. Through the market survey in Hanoi and Yen Bai, we see a lot of prospects for cinnamon in this area, but also see many businesses making low quality essential oils. Running after the immediate profit and losing the image of Que Yen Bai.
Through this, we would like to share how to distinguish pure cinnamon essential oil through the experience of field trips and draw four common paradoxes:
– “cinnamon bark vs cinnamon leaf oil”

Paradox No. 1: Store essential oils in a thin, transparent plastic oyster.

We still see a lot of businesses selling essential oils that contain cinnamon oil in plastic or oyster shells.
This is the most absurd point that is most easily distinguishable. Cinnamon essential oil is very hot, if applied only to a small amount of skin for a while will see immediate red skin even burns.
That proves not recommended and impossible to put cinnamon oil in a plastic shell !!! There are cases of clear plastic or glass cases that are indicative of sellers but do not understand the nature of the product.
Essential oils should be stored in glass to avoid melting the bottle shell and should be green or amber for refraction of the sun. If not, the essential oil quickly breaks down and changes its composition

Paradox No. 2: On the surface of the essential oil is scum

Have you ever seen cinnamon oil with a yellowish scum on its surface?
The seller often explains that this is due to the incubation and fermentation process. That is not wrong. But that also proves the fact that distillation quality is not good, not all impurities removed. The scum is due to unfiltered filtering, so that the essential oil is impure.

Paradox 3: Essential Oil Floating on the surface of cold water.

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Cinnamon essential oil is heavier than water so it will sink into the water. Essential oils insoluble in cold water. If a part of the essential oil is water soluble, the essential oil has been mixed with other impurities. But this distinction does not always give accurate results because there are so many sophisticated tricks to mix. Essential oils should not rely solely on the above factors to conclude whether the essential oils are pure or not.

Paradox 4: Essential oils cheap.

A 50ml bottle of pure essential oil will cost from 450,000 VND or more depending on concentration and many other physical factors (these assessments will be proved by testing institutes when measuring by machine). If you find a bottle of cinnamon oil surprisingly cheap, be cautious because it may cost you money.
Finally, we would like to share our experience with customers when standing in front of the forest of products on the market today. “cinnamon bark vs cinnamon leaf oil”
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