(Photograph) Impressive cinnamon products from Van Yen

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With many unique and quality cinnamon products, Van Yen cinnamon (Yen Bai – Vietnam) has become a brand, present in many domestic and international markets. Cinnamon is used more and more, not only as a medicine but also as ingredients for cosmetics, spices and many other household products.

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In order to enhance the position and value of cinnamon trees, besides attracting establishments and enterprises to participate in processing essential oils and preliminary processing cinnamon bark, Van Yen district (Yen Bai – Vietnam) has been focusing on developing handicraft industry. from cinnamon. Invite you to see the products from cinnamon molded from the skillful hands of the artisans!

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The simple items used in daily life are made from cinnamon wood such as tea sets, lovely watches, pipes, vases, etc… They are very unique and the most distinctive thing is all the products smell cinnamon aroma!

dt 121020191347 den ngu

Nightlight made from cinnamon.

dt 121020191348 lo tam

dt 121020191348 hop tra

Tea jars, toothpicks jars made from cinnamon.

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dt 121020191350 tinh dau

Cinnamon essential oil is the most typical product of cinnamon tree.

dt 121020191351 nuoc lau san

Floor cleaner made of cinnamon flavored.

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