How to check the quality of cinnamon?

Some simple ways

  • It is the best way to scrape cinnamon bark outside, and then grind them with a little water. If it is white, like cow’s milk, the quality is really good, if water like green tea is quite good quality, and if water is red, the quality of that cinnamon is normal.
  • The taste of cinnamon to first taste sweet and , and then a bitter taste, finally the sweet taste (less spicy) is delicious cinnamon.
  • Peel cinnamon, cut in half, if the cut is like wax, very smooth and have white thread is good cinnamon. This white thread must be straight if the zigzag is not very good.


Cinamon in việt nam

Compared to many types of cinnamon grown in different regions, Tra Bong-Tay Tra cinnamon (Quang Ngai-Vietnam), though growing slowly but thick bark, high content of attar with special scents, is preferred by the market such as China. , France, India, Korea …

For centuries, Chinese and Portuguese merchants have come to Tra Bong to buy cinnamon.
After the country’s reunification, Tra Bong and Tay Tra cinnamon followed freight trains to Eastern Europe, China and Taiwan.

It is known that Tra Bong cinnamon is one of 4 specialties of Quang Ngai that has set a Vietnam record in 2012.

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