Introduce Vietnamese cinnamon

Vietnamese cinnamon
Cinnamon is a perennial industrial tree and grows naturally in moist tropical forests, distributed from the North to the South of our country. However, it is now very difficult to find natural cinnamon in which our country is grown by farmers’ hands. How does cinnamon work and how to use it? A brief introduction about Vietnamese cinnamon will help you answer that question.
Vietnam has 4 typical cinnamon areas: Yen Bai, Tra Mi – Tra Bong (Quang Nam), Que Phong – Thuong Xuan (Nghe An) and Quang Ninh. Each region has a unique cinnamon nuances but bring high economic value. Each cinnamon region has different names associated with ethnic names such as: Que Thanh, Que Quy, Que Quang, Que Yen Bai, Que Bi, and Cinnamon, etc. Introduce some benefits of cinnamon, cinnamon bark.

Plant characteristics and distribution Vietnamese cinnamon

Wooden trees, 10 – 20m high, smooth bark. Staggered leaves with short, long or slightly stalked stems, with 3 arc-shaped veins. White flowers, grow in clusters of branches in the leaves or branches. Egg-shaped nodes, when ripe, have smooth, purple color. The whole tree smells of cinnamon. Planted extensively in southern provinces of China and in Vietnam.

According to the latest studies, C. cassia is a native Vietnamese cinnamon grown from the northern provinces to the southern provinces of Middle Vietnam. The localities where cinnamon grows in large areas are: Yen Bai, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An and Quang Ninh. Vietnamese cinnamon is also grown in southern provinces of China and gives better quality than local cinnamon.

Vietnamese cinnamon leaves
Cinnamon tree

Cultivating and harvest

cassia sticks is planted by seeds. Sow the seeds in the nursery, when the tree is about 0.6 – 0.7m high, grow it. After 10 years can harvest shells. Harvest in 2 months of April – May and October – October when the tree has a lot of sap, easy to peel.

Peeled Vietnamese Cinnamon
Introduce Vietnamese cinnamon 4

In the world, China is the country that produces the most cinnamon. Every year this country produces about 28,000 tons of cinnamon bark and about 1,000 tons of attar. Vietnam in 1935 – 1939 exported 1000 – 1,500 tons of cinnamon bark. Currently, the statistics are not available, but the amount of cinnamon bark exported can reach thousands of tons and the amount of essential oils may be several dozen tons.


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