Nature’s bounty cinnamon and how it works for people

Natures bounty cinnamon and use 4

Nature’s bounty cinnamon is known as the revenue from the stem bark of some plants of the genus Cinnamomum, which is spicy with fragrant smell and used to make drugs and spicies in food processing.

Nature's bounty cinnamon and how it works for people

Nature’s bounty cinnamon and how it works for people – photo 1

Uses of Nature’s bounty cinnamon:

Cinnamon can be used to make spicies in daily meals, such as noodles, roasted cinnamon pork, grilled beef with cinnamon anise or cinnamon cookies. It also helps prevent the coagulation due to Cinnamaldehyde, the main ingredient in cinnamon oil with an ability to stop clotting. In addition, cinnamon is used as a natural antibiotic because of its inhibitory effects on the production of acid arachidonic or an anti-bacteria.Besides, this special plant is considered as a beneficial drug to control our blood sugar. It is proven to be able to both end the oxidation and regulate the blood sugar in our bodies by controlling the hungry feeling and the sensitive level of hormone insulin in people with type 2 diabetes.Moreover, improving brain function is known as one of the best benefits of cinnamon. Smelling cinnamon eryday enables brains to work well. especially for activities that request for high concentration, identification and remembering,.short-term memories and visual movements while working with computer programs.More importantly, fiber in cinnamon is also effective for constipation and diarrhea and cinnamon can be used to cure colds. A long time ago, Nature’s bounty cinnamon used to be a traditional way to treat cold due to its heating effects.

Nature's bounty cinnamon and how it works for people 2

Nature’s bounty cinnamon and how it works for people – photo 2


Way 1: Based the age of cinnamon

Way 2: Direct shell

Way3: Based on smellings.



Keep in dry storage, avoid moisture

Dry for a longer preservation

Put in the packing packs or boxes with lids.

Nature's bounty cinnamon and how it works for people 3

Nature’s bounty cinnamon and how it works for people – photo 3


Never put cinnamon oil directly on the skin. A small amount of cinnamon oil can be used to bathe or relax. This mixture can be resistant to good infection. However, if the cinnamon oil is used, it can quickly cause burns and skin irritation when contact. In some cases there may be an allergic reaction to an ulcer.

Stomach reaction : Adding the daily amount of cinnamon oil (more than 1 / 2 teaspoon) possibly makes the gastric ling hurt and irritates the intestine.

Heart rate A lot of cinnamon consumption can increase the heart rate because it promotes blood circulation in the body. This can be harmful to people with heart disease because they can work too hard. In children, increased heart rate can also be associated with cinnamon oil poisoning. One of the effects of cinnamon is against blood clots, which is why eating lots of cinnamon can cause blood thinner. In some cases, using cinnamon with high doses recommended is not, for example, before surgery, while operating, or in any situation bleeding.

Not good for kidneys and liver: Because cinnamon contains coumarin – a blood – soluble substance, it may cause poisoning to the kidneys, if used with high doses.

Impact on antibiotics: Cinnamon is also a strong antibiotic, but if you’re using any other antibiotics, you should consult the doctor before using cinnamon.

Don’ t use cinnamon for children and pregnant women or breastfeeding.

No large amount of cinnamon powder .The cinnamon sticks into the nose will cause nghạt, inflammation and respiratory burns. There’ s a case to be hospitalized for days after inhaling cinnamon.

Natures bounty cinnamon and use 4