Saigon cinnamon – Treasure of Vietnam

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Not many people know that Cinnamomum loureiroi in Vietnam is very famous in the world as Saigon Cinnamon. More than famous, it is also praised by many as the world’s most delicious cinnamon variety!

Why is this organic vietnamese cinnamon variety often grown only in the Central and Northern regions named after the city of Saigon ?! It is difficult to find any document explaining this nostalgic name. I speculate that this name must have originated from the years the Americans occupied Saigon and brought tons of Vietnamese Cinnamon to fill the capital spice cabinets of the capital. At that time, Saigon was the pearl of the East Sea, so it was not strange for the traders to assign and move the caramelized aromatic cinnamon, a trade name: Saigon Cinnamon.

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Saigon cinnamon

In the 50s, Americans mainly used this Annamian cinnamon. Until the 60s, because of the war, Saigon Cinnamon is no longer exported. Instead, merchants turned to Indonesian cinnamon Korintjie Cinnamon to keep up with Western kitchen supplies. However, Indonesian cinnamon varieties are bitter, so after Vietnam turned itself through the war, the world continued to hunt for Saigon Cinnamon.

Saigon Cinnamon is different from cinnamon varieties Ceylon, China or Indo because it creates strong aftershocks for both smell and taste. It is the cinnamon variety that contains the most aldehyde cinnamique and has the highest oil content, so the smell of Saigon Cinnamon is very spicy, warm and sweet. It is easy to have an addictive and lively flavor from Saigon Cinnamon with desserts: tart cake, apple jam … Because the flavor and taste are very strong, not easily overwhelmed, Vietnam Cinnamon is often used in a mixture of strong spices such as anise, clove, … like in Pho for example. The smell of Vietnamese Cinnamon also reminds me of chewingum double mint.

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Saigon Cinnamon essential oil MIDIMO*** smell strongly but very compact. It was warm, wrapped with the smell of cloves, a little spicy pepper, faintly smelled of dried leaves (coumarin) and sweet fruit (strawberry). Cinnamon is generally suitable for use in notes with spice notes, intensifying floral scents, and is an indispensable ingredient to create Carnation, Lily or Lily is also used to create floral scents. Ripe fruit (strawberry). Or it can also increase the warmth for an oriental or oriental scent.

Midimo ***: is the brand of young Vietnamese, passionate about traveling, exploring and always loving stories told by scents. Midimo specializes in developing essential oils and material growing areas of Vietnam.


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