What is the effect of cinnamon?

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What is cinnamon?

Cinnamon is a plant of the genus Cinnamomum. The bark tastes spicy and has a strong aroma. People exploit the bark of trunks and branches to make medicine in Eastern medicine, as spices, herbs for skin care, etc. The leaves of cinnamon can be used to distill essential oils. Wood is used for making handicrafts and interior decorations.

In business and folk experience, the trade name of cinnamon bark is called by the bark position on the tree. This is also a criterion as a basis for assessing the quality of cinnamon. The bark at the base is called basil cinnamon, the bark in the main body is Thuong Chau cinnamon (the best type of cinnamon), the bark in the big branches is typical cinnamon and small branches are cinnamon.

In Vietnam, Tra My cinnamon (Quang Nam) is considered the best quality. Tra My cinnamon has a high content of cinnamic aldehyde. This is a substance with antibacterial properties, stimulating neurons, improving metabolism …

On the world market, cassia sticks is considered the best, considered to be true cinnamon.

What is the effect of cinnamon vietnam
What is the effect of cinnamon? 4

What is the effect of cinnamon?

The effect of cinnamon is used for anti-fungal, analgesic and antiseptic, treatment of diarrhea, colds, stomach aches, hypertension, loss of appetite and bronchitis. This herb is also used to treat internal bleeding.

Some studies suggest that cinnamon can lower blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Studies on cholesterol-lowering and treating fungal infections in HIV-infected people have not shown positive results.

There are also studies suggesting that this herb may help reduce inflammation, antioxidants and fight bacteria. However, these results have not been applied to human treatment.

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What is the effect of cinnamon? 5

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