Top 10 great uses of cinnamon for human health

top 10 great uses of cinnamon 3

Cinnamon is one of the familiar and delicious spices in our daily basis and great uses of cinnamon. It has been stated to bring a lot of benefits to our health for centuries.

1. Uses of cinnamon helps cure cold and flatulence.

Cinnamon is proved to have a great impact on treating infectious diseases in cold weather ,such as cold and flu . Besides anti-oxidant properties, this tiny brown spice is a wonderful source which provides significant minerals for our bodies, including manganese,iron and calcium.Therefore, it enables to reinforce our immune system and clean our respiratory tract in case we get a cold.

 To do this, spend 5 minutes everyday keeping 2 cinnamon sticks which are put in boiled water in mouth.Then, add a teaspoon of fresh lemon, a half of a teaspoon of honey with crushed ginger.

 In addition, adding cinnamon to our nutritional eating habit can considerably decrease flatulence symptoms thanks to properties helping digest it. Vietnamese Cinnamon antioxidants is able to to ease diarrhea, stomach ache and manifestations of fermentation including distention, flatulence.It is advisable to use cinnamon in herbal tea form.

top 10 great uses of cinnamonTop 10 great uses of cinnamon for human health

2. Cinnamon supports the treatment of foot fungus, deodorant

  Foot fungus is known as an infectious illness caused by fungus affecting the skin among toes. With cleaning property, cinnamon oil is advised to cure skin fungus, especially the exceptionally tiny fungus Candida. Cinnamaldehyde, the main ingredient in cinnamon, is one of the most highly active compounds in this kind of fungi.

 What’s more, using cinnamon is a wonderful way for deodorization at home. This is very simple. Just put cinnamon in a small pot full of water and boil it . It will neutralize the bad smellings fast. We can also clean the floor and wall with cinnamon oil since it has the ability to destroy bacteria and mushrooms easily.

3. Cinnamon helps lose weight

  Cinnamon helps cleanse the digestive system, boost the progress of losing weight. It is also called a natural fatty combustible thing because it speeds up metabolism, burn redundant calories. Cinnamon makes us feel full fast, so it reduces the amount of calories we put in our body daily effectively.

top 10 great uses of cinnamon 2

great uses of cinnamon for human health

4. Cinnamon promotes brain function

 Researches carried out by Healthspan Center(England) points out the potentials of cinnamon in preventing and curing Alzheimer disease. It is urged to increase the production of natri benzoat in the brain, a compound directly affecting the area for memory and studying.


5. Cinnamon controls blood sugar

 Cinnamon helps slow the progress of the glucose absorption into human body. Therefore, cinnamon water tends to decrease the amount of sugar in blood. According to some researches, cinnamon is proved to improve the blood sugar controlling in people with type-2 diabetes.


6.  Cinnamon enables to avoid aging, relax muscles

 Cinnamon is well-known for anti-aging properties  due to antioxidants, especially tanin. These substances help the body fight free radicals that cause cell damage like pollution.

 Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory agents and eases pain and stiffness. For instance,massages with cinnamon oil are a perfect way to relax all muscles after working out. Then, cinnamon is ideal for relaxing moments.

top 10 uses of cinnamongreat uses of cinnamon for human health

7. Uses of Cinnamon eases menstrual pains

  With antispasmodic, blood thinning and anti-inflammatory functions, cinnamon eases pains during the menstrual period. To enjoy its advantages, take some cups of cinnamon tea.

8.  Cinnamon strengthens bones

 Cinnamon is a source of calcium, which is dramatically beneficial for bones. It helps support the fight against osteoporosis – a bone disease characterized by a decrease in bone density and changes in the microstructure of bones – and helps strengthen bones naturally.

9. Uses of Cinnamon cures spots

 Thanks to antibacterial ability, cinnamon is regarded as an effective treatment to spots. To some people. cinnamon masks with honey help treat skin problems. However, be careful with the amount of cinnamon since it can be harmful to skin.

 To avoid pimples and blackhead spots, mix 3 teaspoons of honey with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon oil. Put the mixture on skin and wash it with warm water.

top 10 great uses of cinnamon

10. Uses of Cinnamon purifies the atmosphere

 When diffused in the atmosphere, cinnamon is regarded as a strong sanitize chemical for domestic furniture. Cinnamon oil can be mixed with mandarin oranges or lemons.