Yen Bai – Vietnam aims to produce organic cinnamon


Vietnam aims to produce organic cinnamon

In the past

Van Yen district ̣(Yen Bai – Vietnam) is known as the capital of cinnamon, with the largest area and output in Vietnam. In the past, cinnamon trees were planted by the Dao people in Van Yen district. At that time, cinnamon bark was mainly used by families as gifts for relatives or for traders at low prices. So no one considered cinnamon is the main source of income. However, in recent years, cinnamon has become a key crop of high value. A valuable raw material for production in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, and processing handicrafts. So everyone in Van Yen everyone consider cinnamon as a gift from God.

The process

Xuan Ai Commune, Van Yen District is one of the communes that are building organic cinnamon products. The whole commune has more than 1,000 hectares of cinnamon. This concentrated in Doan Ket and Ngoi Vien villages, most of the income of the people in the commune is from cinnamon. The reason cinnamon tree has high economic value is because many households grow cinnamon in a safe, organic way, improve the proportion of cinnamon essential oil, moreover cinnamon can be used to sell from bark to stem, leaves. .
With an area of ​​5 hectares of cinnamon over 10 years of age, for many years, the family of Mr. Tran Van Bang, Doan Ket hamlet, Xuan Ai commune has no longer sprayed herbicide for cinnamon, instead proceeded to distribute grass by machine.
Mr. Bang shared that in the past, his family and other households in the village still sprayed with herbicide and fertilized when cinnamon was young to make cinnamon grow fast; But in recent years, everyone is aware of the harmful effects of pesticides, so every home buys a lawn generator to distribute.
Along with that, there are many households in the village now using vascular water and water on the cliffs. If planting and tending in such an organic way, it also ensures that the water source is not affected. The school is also protected.
For the extraction process, after peeling cinnamon from the hill, it must be dried on a high platform or clean yard. Do not near areas with chemical fertilizers, chemical drugs and pesticides. The production of safe, organic cinnamon will have a stable selling price and one to two prices higher than regular cinnamon.
Vietnam aims to produce organic cinnamon 1
Yen Bai – Vietnam aims to produce organic cinnamon 1

In recent years

In recent years, the cultivation of cinnamon safely and organically, or green agriculture, has been widely participated by the people of Xuan Ai commune. The cultivation of organic cinnamon enhances the value of cinnamon, creates a stable output and protects the living environment.
Mr. Nguyen Van Thuc, Chairman of People’s Committee of Xuan Ai Commune, Van Yen District, said that in order to raise the value of branded Van Yen cinnamon and sustainable development, the commune continues to propagandize people to change tree care habits. Cinnamon by spraying herbicide, fertilizing to distributing grass by generator. And not fertilizing of all kinds, aiming to build a safe cinnamon production region up to organic standards.
Along with that, coordinate with prestigious businesses and companies such as Olam Vietnam, Son Ha Company, Vicimex … organize signing contracts with people to build cinnamon production areas meeting organic standards.
Vietnam aims to produce organic cinnamon 2
Yen Bai – Vietnam aims to produce organic cinnamon 2

In the future

With the economic value from cinnamon, the district continues to maintain and develop cinnamon area, especially to expand organic cinnamon. At present, the whole district has 200 ha of organic cinnamon. To reach the standard of organic cinnamon, people have to plant and care towards sustainability, enhance soil fertility and biodiversity. Do not use synthetic pesticides, synthetic fertilizers… This is also an opportunity and motivation for Van Yen people to improve the position of cinnamon trees. And of course create and enhance the brand name of Van Yen cinnamon and reach far in domestic and international market.
In the coming time, Van Yen district will continue to mobilize people to grow cinnamon in the planning area. Towards organic production and to guide people to do green agriculture in order to expand the consumption market.
At the same time, the district encourages and supports branding and brands of cinnamon products in association with the implementation of the Program of one product per commune (OCOP) in the locality. Building and developing value chains linking production with consumption of cinnamon products. Consulting, supporting, attracting and encouraging enterprises to participate in deep processing of cinnamon products qualified for direct export.
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