What are the dangers of using cinnamon oil?

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1. Risk of shortness of breath

One of the importance of cinnamon oil is an increase in blood circulation, but this will affect highly sensitive people because the increase in blood circulation means that an increase in heart rate can lead to shortness of breath.

2. Allergic reaction

For people with very sensitive immune systems, cinnamon oil can cause thinning, body rashes and itching. This is due to the immune resistance against the cinnamon oil used.

3. Experience stomach irritation

People who often have stomach problems should first seek medical advice before using this product. People can experience diarrhea, stomach aches and even nausea after using cinnamon oil.
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4. Respiratory problems

A sensitive person may experience distortion problems such as experiencing irritation in your airways just minutes after using cinnamon oil. This side effect is most dangerous because it can lead to a loss of consciousness without medical service providers intervening.

5. Experience the burning sensation

When a person with an ulcer uses cinnamon oil, he or she may begin to feel pain and a burning sensation immediately after use. This is because it can have an adverse effect on the ulcer problem.

6. Side effects of the drug

If you are taking medication and you choose to use cinnamon oil, it can lead to an interaction between the drug and cinnamon, leading to headaches, hunger, fatigue and even dizziness. So if you encounter this don don, keep using it as it may affect the overall performance of your prescribed medications thus causing problems.
Besides these short-term side effects, when given enough time, you should stop using too much cinnamon oil to avoid the serious consequences that can be triggered by its use. It has been shown that having cinnamaldehyde up to 0.7 mg / kg in blood is dangerous.
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* How to use cinnamon essential oil in daily life

There are many different ways to use cassia broken for both skin and other uses. Here are some ways to use cinnamon essential oil:
  • Diffuse: Add a few drops of essential oil to the lamp or diffuser and turn it on for the smell of cinnamon to spread throughout the room.
  • Breathe directly, apply a little to the neck, shoulders or clothing.
  • Apply directly to the skin: You need to mix it with a conductive oil like coconut oil in a ratio of 1: 1 before applying to the skin.
  • Eat, drink: Cinnamon essential oil can be used by eating or drinking. You can add it to dishes, drinks, smoothies or mix with honey.

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