What is cinnamon essential oil? How is it used?

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1. What is cinnamon essential oil?

Cinnamon essential oil is extracted from the trunk, bark, leaves or roots of the cinnamon tree. A species of tree with the scientific name Laurus cinnamomum and belongs to the Lauraceae plant family. This plant originated from Asia and specifically South Asia, now cinnamon essential oil and cinnamon powder become a very popular product shipped worldwide.
Currently there are about 100 species of cinnamon in the world but there are 2 most popular types: Cylon cinnamon and Cassia cinnamon. It can be said that cinnamon is the oldest spice and remedy in the world. Cinnamon has been used by Egyptians and Chinese for thousands of years. Many documents in ancient Egypt show that cinnamon is considered a high-end item, and it is even appreciated as gold.
What is cinnamon essential oil

What is cinnamon essential oil

2. What is the composition of cinnamon oil? What types are available?

Cinnamon essential oil that is extracted from the bark has three main components: cinnamaldehyde, eugenol and linalool. These ingredients make up about 85% of cinnamon essential oil. The proportion of each component depends on the part being extracted from the plant.
  • The bark mainly contains: cinnamaldehyde
  • Leaves mainly contain: eugenol
  • The roots mainly contain: camphor
What is cinnamon essential oil? How is it used?

Currently on the market popular 2 types of cinnamon oil:

  1. Cinnamon bark oil: Is extracted from cinnamon bark. Reddish-brown in color, looks denser
  2. Cinnamon leaf oil: Is extracted from the leaves and branches of cinnamon. There is a lighter color
Overall, the effects of these two oils are similar. However, cinnamon bark essential oil is said to be stronger than the one extracted from the leaves.

3. The effects of cinnamon oil

Cinnamon oil extracted from cinnamon bark and leaves has many good effects on human health, especially the ability to heal many common diseases. Let’s take a look at the amazing effects that cinnamon essential oil brings offline:
– Cinnamon essential oil is very good in curing colds, flu, fever, reducing the spasm of coughing or spasm of the chest area, helping to loosen phlegm, ease breathing. Cinnamon essential oil can stop your cough for a few hours after you rub it on your chest.
– Cinnamon essential oil helps digestion, combat and cure flatulence, abdominal pain, digestive disorders, nausea, diarrhea. Very good for treating gastrointestinal diseases, it can produce gas or constrict, which promotes a better digestive system after meals.
– Sterilize, anti-inflammatory, increase immunity.
– Relieve arthritis pain, rheumatism, cure muscle pain and intestinal withdrawal.
– Treatment of headaches.
– Brings fresh and refreshing spirit, helps to focus spirit, enhance alertness.
– Anti nausea due to motion sickness.
– Enhance blood circulation.
– Treatment of tooth decay and bad breath.
– In addition, cinnamon essential oil is also an indispensable spice in your kitchen cabinets (making incense for sausages, rolls, baking …), used to clean and polish wooden furniture, deodorize fishy smells , purify the air …
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