What types of cinnamon is Vietnamese cinnamon?

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There are two main types of cinnamon in the world, the first one is Chinese cinnamon (scientific name is Cinnamomum cassia BL) and the second is Srilanca cinnamon (scientific name is Cinnamomum zeylacium). Vietnamese cinnamon, beside the two types of cinnamon, there is Thanh cinnamon (scientific name is Cinamomum loureiri ness). They are commonly grown in Nghia Lo and Yen Bai… So in our country there are about 10 types of cinnamon, most of which are precious cinnamon.

Cinnamomum cassia BL

Types of cinnamon Cinnamomum cassia BL
Types of cinnamon Cinnamomum cassia BL
Cinnamomum cassia BL is also called Don cinnamon from 12-17 m high. It is cinnamon sprouting branches, long, shiny and smooth on the top, with a fine hair under the leaves. Veined small leaves, growing in parallel parallel, flowers grow in clusters, oval fruits. This type of cinnamon is grown in the provinces of Quang Ninh, Yen Bai and Quang Nam, the product is mainly used as spices and food. Cinnamon can say is one of the best cinnamon cinnamon, a specialty cinnamon, countries often order at a very high price to make medicinal herbs and supplements.
However, the taste of this cinnamon is different if grown in different places. If grown in Yen Bai, it has a mild spicy smell while grown in Quang Ninh or Quang Nam has a strong spicy smell. On average, a cinnamon tree planted in Yen Bai when 10 years of age with a diameter of 15-20cm for harvest from 15-30kg of tuoi (8-15 kg dry bark), 0.3-0.5 m3 of wood, 1 , 2 and 30 kg of leaves can distill 0.21 kg of essential oil.

Types of cinnamon Thanh cinnamon

Thanh cinnamon varieties also known as Quy cinnamon, usually from 12-20m high. The leaves are almost oval, elongated at both ends, almost sprouting opposite to the three pointed veins. Cinnamon flower clustered, round fruits, young when green, ripe when purple brown and shiny. This is cinnamon cinnamon has very high medicinal value, people often use it to treat a number of diseases such as abdominal pain, colds … and to improve health.
Previously, we did not export this type of cinnamon because the area is very small, mainly for households and for domestic consumption. But now we realize that this is a precious cinnamon. And due to the increasing demand in the world, we started to expand and export. Que Thanh has a high stem, if planted for 15-20 years, it will have a diameter of 20-30 cm, for 30-50 kg of fresh bark (15-20 kg of dry bark), 0.3-0.5 m3 of wood and about 50 kg of distillable leaves, 0.28-0.35 kg of essential oil.
Type of cinnamon Thanh cinnamon
Types of cinnamon Thanh cinnamon

Quan cinnamon/ Sri Lanka cinnamon

The cinnamon of Srilanca that our people often call it is Quan cinnamon with a trunk height of about 20-25 m, young square branches, short hairs and scattered. Quan leaves are opposite, long and oval in shape, smooth and slightly pointed at the base. Flowers grow in clusters, the fruits grow oval. This adaptive cinnamon should be grown in provinces such as Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Vung Tau and Tay Ninh. Compared to the two above, this type of cinnamon is not favored by the world market because it is a small-bodied cinnamon, less essential oil content and less productive.

Other types

In addition to the above varieties of cinnamon, our country has a number of other cinnamon grown naturally. Such as in the provinces of Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Lao Cai, Ha Giang, Hoa Binh…. Such as Brown cinnamon or Red cinnamon (Cinamomum tetregomum Chev), Ranh Cinnamon (Cinamomum caryophyllus Moore), Lon cinnamon (Cinamomum iners Reinw)… These types of cinnamon usually live long and grow deep in the jungle.
Until now, we not only exploit cinnamon grown for export but also exploit natural forest cinnamon. The indiscriminate exploitation of natural forest cinnamon has made this source more and more exhausted. The advantage of cinnamon in our country is huge. Therefore, we must promote this advantage to promote the production and export of cinnamon products.
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