Whole tube cinnamon, split cinnamon, broken cinnamon – Classification

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Cinnamon has a long process of growing and developing from 7 to 10 years when cinnamon will be old enough to exploit, cinnamon bark is then carefully peeled off the trunk, the subsequent stages require experience and a “Love” with cinnamon to produce the best products. According to specific requirements, cinnamon makers will have different products, according to each requirement and affordability of users. The three types of cinnamon: tube cinnamon, split cinnamon and broken cinnamon. How they differ, please refer to the following article.

1.Whole Tube Cinnamon: The product after being peeled from the dried cinnamon stalks and thinly classified.

Whole Tube Cinnamon

Specification and quality:

Whole Tube Cinnamon

Length: 35 cm – 45 cm
Thickness: from 1-3mm
Moisture: not more than 13.5%
Impurities: 1%
Color: natural brown color of cinnamon, typical aromatic
Cinnamon tube is not particularly broken, can be cracked during drying, not rotten, broken.
Product packaging: can be packed in cartons with a weight of 15-20 kg.
Essential oil content: minimum 3%.

image whole cinnamon

2. Split cinnamon: Split cinnamon is cinnamon that is split to be able to remove impurities inside the cinnamon tube, easier to check the quality and can be pressed for easy storage.

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 Specification and quality:

Split cinnamon

Length: 25 cm – 40 cm
Width: 1 – 2.5 cm
Thickness: 0.8 mm – 2 mm
Moisture: no more than 13.5%
Impurites: 1%
Split cinnamon with natural colors, typical aroma, not rotting or impurities, not black inside.

image split cinnamon

3. Broken cinnamon: Cinnamon is broken into small pieces, uneven size.

image broken cinnamon


Specification and quality:

Broken cinnamon

Length: 1 – 3 cm
Thickness: 0.6 mm – 2 mm
Moisture: not more than 13.5%
Impurities: 1%
Cinnamon has natural color, characteristic aroma.
Because It’s small, compact, it is easy to pack and transport.


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